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Distribution Lists

Remembering all the email address you need to send to is difficult at best. Distribution lists are the way to go to ensure you’re getting the message out to everybody. Scout Manager provides both system managed and custom distribution lists and used the same way. Distribution lists can be used for all communication methods such as emails, text messages and event invites.

System Managed

These distribution lists provide a quick and convenient way to send messages to groups that you’re already managing internally such as Dens, Patrols, Leaders, etc. These are fairly self-explanatory and you can see who will be included by clicking the list. As users move within the system (e.g. Scouts are added/removed, a Scout moves to another Den/Patrol, Leaders come and go, etc) the system distribution lists are automatically updated.

When composing an email or calendar invite try typing “Pack” (or “Troop”) – it will auto-filter and show the system distribution lists. Select the one you want. You can add as many as needed and mix with individual users if needed.

Managed Distribution Lists

These distribution lists are based on roles that have been assigned to each person in your unit. See User Security for information about roles. Archived users are not included when emailing via managed distribution lists.

  • All Scout Parents - just the parents.
  • All Scouts - just the scouts.
  • All Adults - every adult.
  • All Adults and Scouts - everyone in your unit.
  • All Leaders - every person assigned a unit leadership role.
  • Award Coordinators - people assigned the award coordinator role
  • Committee Members - people assigned the commitee member role
  • Treasurers - people assigned the treasurer role

There are also managed distribution lists for Patrols & Dens which includes the members of those patrols/dens, their leaders and scout parents.

Custom Defined

You can define your own distribution lists and add specific people to it. Your distribution list can be private where only you can see and use it or shared to others in your unit. You may only add users with defined accounts in Scout Manager to a distribution list.