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Events Management

You can add as many events to Scout Manager as you want. You should use the built-in distribution lists as much as possible because it ensures everybody gets a reference to the event even if they join your Troop after the event gets created.

When you create an event it does not automatically send an email like other calendar apps such as Outlook. This is to allow you to put together your event and save progress over time before sending out email notifications.

Viewing the Calendar

Setting up an Event

  • Recurring events
  • Sending email notifications
  • Reminder emails
  • RSVP
  • Activity tracking

Keeping people informed of events

Once an event is created and people are invited you have a couple options to communicate it out to them. Sending emails is the first technique most people use. You can send notifications manually by checking the “Send Immediate” option and then saving the event. You can do this at any time (edit the event, check the box, save and it sends a single notification to each person). In addition, you can have the system auto-send reminders through the Event Options section. You can specify up to 2 periods to send a reminder email about the event X number of days before the event occurs.

Users can also synchronize their external calendar with Scout Manager. Refer to the section on managing your User Profile to set this up.

RSVP’s and Tracking Attendance

What you need to do is invite everybody who you need to track. There should be very few events where the scouts won’t be invited. If your scouts don’t have emails then its important that the parent is also invited otherwise they won’t get email notifications. When scouts are sent emails the parents are cc’d as well as long as you the option “Copy parents on all emails to scouts” is enabled on your unit options.

Doing it like ensures you get adequate coverage for notifications, RSVP’s, attendance tracking, user counts, etc.

We intentionally do not allow non-user email addresses. Siblings, grandparents, friends, etc can be accounted for with # attendees. If its important to know the specific person is attending then they probably need to be a user with separate tracking.

In Cub Scouts the parent is usually there too. Some parents just add their own email to their Scout so it’s more like what you’re describing as a single unit. Others split it.

See also the Guide for all Users / Using distribution lists

Event Report

Tracking Attendance