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User Security & Roles

Scout Manager uses a role based security model. This means that a user’s ability to view and access certain aspects is controlled by the roles they are assigned. Understanding the different roles within your unit and what they do will help how you move forward. Scout Manager provides the most common roles found within units and allows you to assign adults to them.

Assigning a role grants specific permissions enables users to perform certain actions within Scout Manager. You can assign multiple roles to adults increasing their permissions to perform activities within Scout Manager. Changing a user’s role (adding or removing) is effective immediately at the user’s next successful login.

We classify roles into Unit Leadership and everything else. Unit Leaders have broad scope providing permission to manage something that potentially affects every person in your unit.

Each role has one or more distribution lists so that you can emails entire groups based on their role. See Distribution Lists for information.

User Roles

  • Adult User or Scout - By default everybody is either an Adult User or a Scout. Both these roles allow them to access and edit their own personal information, view their financial account and see who is in the unit (just names). Which role is assigned depends on where you create the new user’s profile.

Below are the roles that can be assigned and the permissions they grant within the Scout Manager system.

  • Parent - this role is assigned by associating a scout and an adult. A parent has access to view and edit scouts associated with them and view their financial accounts. In Packs, you can also configure to allow parents to sign off on requirements.
  • Events Coordinator - This particular role is assignable per event and allows you to designate a person to manage the event(scout or adult. Use this when you get a volunteer to help with a specific event, but you don’t to allow them the ability to create other events. By default everyone assigned the Leader role (see below) are event coordinators with the ability to add, remove and manage events
  • Den/Patrol Leader - assign this role to whoever is managing a Den/Patrol. People assigned to this role can view/edit/add/delete scouts within the Den/Patrol as well as view full profile/edit/add/delete parents of those scouts. While this is considered a leadership role, and so while it carries special permissions (e.g. Den Leaders) to manage users, etc its not considered unit level since their scope limited. This role is usually assigned via Den/Patrol page and can only be assigned by a “Leader”.

Unit Leadership roles

These are the roles where each person has permission to manage something that potentially affects every person in your unit.

  • Leader - assign this role to the people that need to have full access to your Pack/Troop data in Scout Manager. Full access means they can add/remove users and scouts and view/edit all details of every User Profile in the Pack/Troop. This is generally the Committee Chairman, Cub/Scout Master and their direct assistants. leaders can view the accounting books, but they cannot edit or add transactions.
  • Awards Coordinator - assign this role to the people that coordinate your awards ceremonies. They’ll be able to manage each Scout’s awards (add or remove at the award level) and run reports that will help them coordinate handing out awards.
  • Treasurer - assign this role to the person that manages your Pack or Troop finances. Ideally its just one person although you can add as many as you like. People assigned to this role are the only ones with access to the Scout Accounts feature and they will be able to fully manage each Account.
  • Website Admin - Provides full control over your unit custom website (premium package only). People you assign here will be able to add/remove pages, files and photos, etc on your custom website.
  • Committee Member - this role is similar to the leader role, but does not have the ability to make edits. In addition to regular user rights a person with the Committee Member role has read only access to all Users, Scouts, Dens, Accounts and they can view the Chart of Accounts. Unless they inherit the permission from another assigned role they cannot edit users/scouts, sign off requirements, change awards, change accounts, submit account transactions, etc. They cannot run any accounting reports.

NOTE: Only Treasurers can manage accounting transactions. Leaders and Committee members can view financials, but not modify them.

Managing User Roles

To manage leadership roles click Membership => View Leadership Roles page. This page shows you each person and the role they are assigned. Since a person can be assigned more than one role their name may show up multiple times.

Changes made to user roles is effective the next time a user logs in.

You can toggle the view between list (viewed by user) and grid (viewed by role) by clicking the Grid button in the button bar above the list.

List View by person

To add a role to a person:

  1. click the “+” in the bar
  2. select the Role
  3. type in the name of the person in the provided space. You can add more than one person at a time.

To remove a role from a person click the delete icon next to their name.

Grid View by role

  1. To add a person to a role:
  2. type their name into the space
  3. Select the user and hit enter

To remove a person from a role, click the delete icon next to their name