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The settings tab is where the Website Admin manages everything from how your site looks to managing the content that gets displayed on your site.

Configuration Settings

This section allows you to customize how your website looks when people visit it. There are no wrong settings as most settings are personal preference for how you set them. Let’s go over them each in order.

  • Status - determines whether the website is published on the Scout Manager directory. It does not prevent people who have your web address from visiting and viewing the site.
  • Max posts on front page - the maximum # of posts to show on your front page.
  • Max display size of excerpts - Posts can be large so you’ll want to limit how much shows on the front page. This is the number of characters to show per post on your front page.
  • Max galleries on front page - The maximum # of galleries to show on your front page. The order will be newest to oldest.
  • Maximum # of events to display - The maximum # of events to show on your front page. The order will be newest to oldest.
  • Theme - select a preconfigured theme for your website.
  • Static home page - You can create a page and have it show at the top of your home page with posts below it. If you choose “No static homepage”, then a default template will be used.
  • Flickr Albums - Integrate Flickr albums by setting your Flickr user id. (see the Galleries section for more information)
  • Event details on public website - True or False. Enabling this will show event details on your public calendar to everyone.
  • Custom CSS - if you’re familiar with Cascading Style Sheets to build websites, you can provide your own for totally custom look and feel. You can change settings at any time and changes will be applied to your site immediately.