Scout Manager Registration

I am a Pack or Troop leader wanting register a new unit.

Registering a new Pack or Troop should be done by someone who is in a leadership role in the unit. Registration process requires a valid email address and identifying information about the unit. Once the registration process is complete, the leader can proceed to create internal user accounts.

A yearly service fee is required to use Scout Manager as described in the terms of service.

I am a Pack or Troop leader wanting to register a new unit.

I am the parent or guardian of a scout wanting access to my records.

Your scout's records are only a few clicks away. Our privacy policy requires you to gain access to your account through your Pack or Troop leaders.

Step 1

Send an email to your Pack or Troop leader. Ask them to update your email address and reset your password. Once they have completed this process, you will receive an email with instructions how to log in.

Step 2

After receiving the email from your leader, click the provided link to login. Note: if your email client does not support links you may need to copy/paste the link into the browser. Once you are logged in you will need to set a new password. You should chose a password you won't forget. Warning: the link is valid for logging in ONE TIME ONLY. If you forget your password or unable to login, contact your unit leader to reset your password.

Step 3

Click the My Scouts menu option then select your scout's name. You can now update your scout's profile, view requirements or review earned awards.