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Scoutbook integration issue

The Scoutbook integration is currently non-operational due to a change in the SB login procedures that effectively blocks integration work.

Be Prepared to earn awards this summer

You and your Scout might already be looking forward to summertime fun. It’s a great time to get outdoors, earn some awards a little more conducive to the season and make lifelong memories. But to ensure maximum enjoyment, you should make sure you’re in shape to accomplish your goals.

Does helping fellow Scouts count for service requirements?

When someone needs help, Scouts are there to jump in and serve. That’s what Scouts do, even when it’s their fellow Scouts who are in need. Service plays an integral part in rank advancement, so when Scouts help each other out, the question sometimes comes up: Can helping another Scouting unit count for service hours for advancement?

Scoutbook integration is here

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released Scoutbook integration with Scout Manager. This is a seamless integration between Scout Manager and Scoutbook allowing your awards Coordinators to push awards back into the SB ecosystem with just a few button clicks.

When do you cancel an event because of weather?

It’s Spring! And that means camping along with some potential bumpy weather. You check the weather forecast a day before the troop’s campout this weekend: A 60 percent chance of thunderstorms with possible wind gusts of 30 mph. Should the campout be postponed until a weekend with more fair weather?

Learn to read the clouds

The sky is clear and the air is still as you set out for an all-day hike with your Scouts. They check their map and adjust their pack straps, and you’re on your way. A few miles down the trail, you notice a breeze is picking up. The temperature has dropped several degrees. When you look at the sky, you see clouds are moving in. Should you keep going? Turn around and head for home? Find shelter as quickly as possible?

2018 Merit Badge Rankings

First Aid merit badge extended its reign atop the charts in 2018, while the Exploration, Animation and Bugling merit badges each saw double-digit gains in popularity.

Scoutbook integration is coming

Scouts USA is preparing to migrate off ScoutNet Internet Advancement and over to Scoutbook so we are currently working on integration with Scoutbook that will allow you to smoothly send your awards records directly to Scoutbook.

The difference between Cub Scout and Scouts BSA advancement

By design rank advancement in Cub Scouting is not like rank advancement in Scouts BSA.

What’s the difference between Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA?

This goes way beyond blue vs. khaki. The difference between Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA encompasses critical categories like unit structure, leadership, parental involvement, advancement and camping.

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