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getting started

Getting started

It’s likely you’re at that point in your unit’s growth where its become increasingly difficult to manage awards, events and finances. Especially the finances. Even if you’re still a relatively small unit managing finances can be complex and burdensome. You have volunteers coming and going year to year and you need something that is easy to hand off and/or pickup for new people. Scout Manager can help you get a handle on the operational aspects of running a unit that others have ignored.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a free 2 month trial. It’s truly a trial – there’s no payment information required with no obligation if you’re not convinced or satisfied.

Let’s get started.

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To really get the most out of Scout Manager you’ll want to put some data into it. By data we mean information about your scouts, parents, adult leaders, awards and more. If you’re using an existing online system there’s a very good chance that we can pull in that data either through an export or directly.

Let’s identify some of the things you’ll need.

  • Scoutbook username/password - much of your scouts and awards can be pulled directly from the BSA.
  • Scouts, parents, leader information - you may have additional information
  • Other Award information - the BSA only tracks certain awards. Additional awards can be tracked in Scout Manager.
  • Upcoming events
  • Financial records

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