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Send to distribution lists from external email

Premium subscriptions just got sweeter with a much anticipated feature – sending emails to Scout Manager distribution lists from external email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, etc.

No more logging in to Scout Manager to send an email to your unit! Compose your email in your favorite editor, add the distribution list name and click send. It’s super awesome.

Setup a external distribution lists with a keyword

To enable this capability configure a distribution list keyword in the unit settings. The keyword must be unique and at least 6 characters long. It can only be configured by a unit leader and can be changed at any time as needed. To use the distribution lists from an external client you combine the keyword with the name of the distribution list, using all lowercase and replacing spaces with dashes (“-“). For example, if your unit’s keyword is mazama you can send an email to everyone in your unit using the email address:


Your email will be processed within 15 minutes and distributed to the recipients.

Pretty cool!

The keyword can be changed at any time. The change takes effect within 15 minutes, but any pending emails may not go through so ensure there are no emails in the queue before changing it.

Security measures

We’ve taken care to ensure your distribution lists cannot be used by people outside your unit. We recommend making your keyword somewhat arbitrary and keep it secret.

The system will also verify that the email-address it receives the email from is registered in Scout Manager so that bad actors can’t use your distribution lists. This also means you’ll need to ensure that your email address is correct and verified. If SM doesn’t recognize the email-address we assume its a bad actor and delete the incoming email. There are additional security measures to avoid spoofing, etc. Read up on the detailed documentation for more information.