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Awards Reports

Interactive reports allows you to determine who has earned awards, what to purchase and to indicate which ones have been distributed so you don’t buy/distribute them again. From the detail report can also print beautiful awards cards rather than writing them out by hand.

The awards reports are used by the Awards Coordinator and Leadership to prepare for awards ceremonies and make official scouting records with the BSA. The reports are interactive allowing you to determine who has earned awards, what to purchase and to indicate which ones have been distributed so you don’t buy/distribute them again. From the detail report can also print beautiful awards cards rather than writing them out by hand.

Awards Reports & Process

The general process you should follow for awards is:

  1. Determine the awards you need to buy
  2. Print awards cards and distribute awards
  3. Mark the awards as distributed
  4. Record the awards with ScoutNet

For awards there are 3 dates that you need to be concerned about:

  • Completed - this is the date the award was completed.
  • Ordered - a date indicating that you have ordered or bought the awards.
  • Distributed - the date the scout is planned to be given the award.

These dates are are mutually exclusive. This means that if you tell Scout Manager that you’ve distributed an award it will automatically mark it as completed and ordered.

For any report you’ll need to select the Den/Patrol (or all) for the report and a range of completion dates. You may have had an award backdated since the last awards ceremony so be aware of that as you prepare to pull your data.

The awards data is available totalled up and by scout.

Awards you need to buy

We assume that you don’t keep awards in stock, so you’ll need to make adjustments if you do. Choose your date range and click Award Totals / Awards we need to buy. This report provides a list of all the awards and how many you’ll need for the awards ceremony.

When you have the awards go back and set the same date range and click Awards by Scout / Awards we need to buy. This report provides a break out of awards by scout. This is also where you record that you’ve bought/ordered the awards! There’s a handy button at the top labeled “Ordered” that will mark every award for you.

Print Award Cards / Distribute

In this section we refer to “distribute awards” as printing out the award cards and finalizing who you plan to give awards. The actual receipt of the award (for example if a scout is not present) is not a consideration to this process.

Scout Manager has the ability to print awards cards for each of your scouts. Awards cards can be printed on Avery labels 5360 or plain card stock and cut out yourself. This is a time saver if you’ve been handwriting them. The awards cards are also printed “fancy style” so it’s an opportunity to step up your game if you’ve been using plain index cards and a way to save money if you’ve been buying cards from the Scout Shop.

To print labels you’ll need to run the report Awards By Scouts / Awards we need to distribute, then select the print button corresponding to the type of card you want to print. The print option is safe to test (it won’t automatically start the printer) so feel free to checkout the different styles before you settle on one.

open the Advancement Awards Reports (menu Advancement => Awards Reports) click Awards By Scouts / Awards we need to distribute. Click the button at the top of the report for the type of cards you want to print.

Ranks are printed on a card by themselves while other awards will stack up about 10 or so per card.

Final processing. When you’re satisfied with the distributed awards and have them printed. Go back and run the report one last time. Click the Distributed button at the top to mark all awards as distributed. If you don’t do this you won’t know which awards were distributed the next time you run the report and you’ll have to rely on the date ranges.

Updating Scoutnet

Each month your should send your advancement information to the BSA via ScoutNet. This process involves running a report on Scout Manager produced in a particular format and then uploading it to ScoutNet. This process is generally completed by the Awards Coordinator.

Export your advancement data from Scout Manager

Before you start your export we recommend that you review your scouts' data and ensure each scout has the correct first/middle/last name and birthday. This information is required by the BSA to properly to match your records and any deviation will cause your data to not match up. To create a file that you can upload to ScoutNet you will.

  1. Run the advancement report on Scout Manager
  2. Save it to your local computer

Use the menu option "Advancement => Export to ScoutNet". Enter the date range for the awards you need to send to ScoutNet then press the Validate and Download button. Scout Manager will validate that you have a first name, last name and birthdate for each scout. If any of your scouts are missing the required information Scout Manager will tell you which records need to be updated. You'll need to update the data before you can continue.

When your data validates successfully, press the Download Scout Advancement File. Most modern browsers will automatically download the file into your Downloads directory, however some browsers may open the file into a browser window. If this happens select File => Save As and save the file manually to your computer. It is important that you don't open and save the data file as ScoutNet is very particular about the format. Some applications may change the format and cause your file to be rejected by ScoutNet.

Upload your data to ScoutNet

Login to ScoutNet and follow their 3 step process to upload your advancement data. Pay close attention after the upload finishes as ScoutNet will tell you if any scouts are mismatched. If so you need to decide how you want to handle it. Review the data and then complete the process to record your advancements.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser to ScoutNet internet advancement and Login. (https://scoutnet.scouting.org/IADV/ui/home/default.aspx)
  2. Click Upload Advancement File. If you don’t see this you may need to click “Start over” in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose the file on your local computer, click Upload file