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Emails & SMS

Scout Manager provides an easy interface to send emails to Users in your unit. The experience is what you’ve come to expect from a high end email client providing rich text, links and attachments.

Emails & SMS

You can easily get electronic communications out to everyone in your unit with Scout Manager. Whether you're writing your own message or leveraging reminders, Scout Manager makes it easy to ensure people in your unit get notified.


Email is a super common and easy method of communication. Scout Manager provides an interface to send emails to users in your unit that is similar to what you’ve come to expect from a high end email client providing rich text, links, attachments and Distribution Lists.

In most cases you’ll want parents of scouts to also receive the same email that is sent to a scout. This is especially true for Cub Scouts. For this case Unit Leaders should enable the option “Copy parents on all emails to scouts” in the unit options.

When a scout and parent share the same email address, only a single email will be sent. The exception to this is for emails that are specific to a person such as event RSVP emails.

Sent Emails

Emails that you personally write and send are automatically kept and available to you in the future to review or reuse. Attachments are not kept. You can view the original email along with the original recipients. Stored sent emails count toward your subscription storage totals.

Text Messages / SMS

NOTE: This feature is only available in the Premium Subscription.

If you need to get word out quickly sending a text message is a good way to do it and a very good way to ensure people get the message. Sending a text message is the same process as sending an email, however it will only be delivered to users that have subscribed to receiving text messages from you.

User Configuration for Text Messages

Before users can receive text messages from Scout Manager they each must add your mobile number, configure and enable Text Messaging. Do this by:

  1. open your user profile
  2. add your mobile # and save
  3. click the Manage Text Messaging button and select your provider (ATT, Sprint, TMobile, etc) and click Send Activation Code
  4. Enter the code you receive on your mobile device and click Validate Code.

To disable receiving text messages from Scout Manager:

  1. open your user profile
  2. click the Manage Text Messaging button and then click Deactivate

NOTE: Text and data rates with your carrier may apply

Sending text messages to your Users

Sending text messages is just like sending an email. All the same distribution lists are available, but only the users who have configured & enabled text messaging will receive the message. If your message exceeds the text message size set by various providers, they will automatically be split up into multiple messages. Images and attachments are supported for users with multi-media/MMS capabilities.


Is there a way to add a document to an email?

Yes, you can attach documents/files that you write, but not to emails coming from the event module. But you can add a link to files that you've stored anywhere online including the Website Files section of Scout Manager. To reference them in any email / event you'll need to:

  1. Ensure your file is public
  2. Right-click the public access link icon. It's the down arrow icon.
  3. Select “copy link address” (the option may vary with your browser)