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Newsletters are a great way to communicate a broad array of topics to your entire Unit. A rich user interface allows you to customize your newsletters the way you want them.

Who can manage newsletters? Only leaders have permission to edit and send newsletters.

Adding articles to your newsletter

Creating your content is quick and easy. Click "Add new" and start writing. You can add stylistic attributes to your article using the toolbar, but its best in a newsletter to keep it relatively simple. When you're done writing you can decide whether to publish the article to keep it in draft form. A published article will be added to the next newsletter that goes out while a draft is not. You can use the order attribute to determine the order the article appears in your newsletter. Lower numbers show up at the top.

Inserting images into your newsletter

Scout Manager does not provide image hosting services, however there are a variety of image sharing services available on the internet such as Flickr, Picasa, Pinterest, etc. The key to using these services is to ensure that the image you want to put into your newsletter is publicly available so anybody getting your newsletter will be able to view them.

You'll need to get the Image URL. It's usually available by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Copy Image URL". The name of the menu item may vary, but all major browsers support this feature.

In the newsletter editor icon bar there's a button for inserting images. Paste in the Image URL from the photo sharing service.