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Assign leadership roles

Scout Manager has a robust security model allowing to maintain secure and safe operations and to allow users to share information with only who they choose.

Your leadership team

Before​ you​ get​ started​ take​ a few​ minutes​ to​ reflect​ on​ the​ different​ people​ you​ rely​ on​ to operate​ your​ unit.​ Understanding​ the​ different​ roles​ within​ your​ unit​ and​ what​ they​ do​ will​ help how​ you​ move​ forward.​ Scout​ Manager​ provides​ the​ most​ common​ roles​ found​ within​ units​ and allows​ you​ to​ assign​ adults​ to​ them.

Assigning​ a role​ grants​ specific​ permissions​ enables​ users​ to​ perform​ certain​ actions​ within Scout​ Manager.​ You​ can​ assign​ multiple​ roles​ to​ adults​ increasing​ their​ permissions​ to​ perform activities.​ Changing​ a user’s​ role​ (adding​ or​ removing)​ is​ effective​ immediately​ at​ the​ user’s next​ successful​ login.

Manage your Leaders
To​ ​manage​ ​leadership​ ​roles​ ​click​ ​the Leaders tab or use them menu option Membership​ ​=>​ View​ Leadership​ ​Roles​.​ To​ ​add​​ a role to ​a person:
  1. click​ the​ “+”
  2. select​ the​ Role
  3. type​ in​ the​ name​ of​ the​ person​ in​ the​ provided​ space and click OK.​ You​ can​ add​ more​ than​ one person​ at​ a time.

You'll also need to remove leaders from time to time as people move on. On the Leaders tab

  1. Find the name of the person
  2. on the right hand side click the 'X' next to the role you wish to remove from that person.

Here​ are​ the​ roles​ that​ can​ be​ assigned​ and​ the​ permissions​ they​ grant​ within​ the​ Scout Manager​ system.

  • __Leader__​​ - assign​ this​ role​ to​ the​ people​ that​ need​ to​ have​ full​ access​ to​ your​ Pack/Troop data​ in​ Scout​ Manager.​ Full​ access​ means​ they​ can​ add/remove​ users​ and​ scouts​ and view/edit​ all​ details​ of​ every​ User​ Profile​​ in​ the​ Pack/Troop.​ This​ is​ generally​ the Committee​ Chairman,​ Cub/Scout​ Master​ and​ their​ direct​ assistants.​ leaders​ can​ view​ the accounting​ books,​ but​ they​ cannot​ edit​ or​ add​ transactions.
  • Awards​ Coordinator​​ - assign​ this​ role​ to​ the​ people​ that​ coordinate​ your​ awards ceremonies.​ They'll​ be​ able​ to​ manage​ each​ Scout's​ awards​ (add​ or​ remove​ at​ the award​ level)​ and​ run​ reports​ that​ will​ help​ them​ coordinate​ handing​ out​ awards.
  • __Treasurer__​​ - assign​ this​ role​ to​ the​ person​ that​ manages​ your​ Pack​ or​ Troop​ finances. Ideally​ its​ just​ one​ person​ although​ you​ can​ add​ as​ many​ as​ you​ like.​ People​ assigned​ to this​ role​ are​ the​ only​ ones​ with​ access​ to​ the​ Scout​ Accounts​​ feature​ and​ they​ will​ be able​ to​ fully​ manage​ each​ Account.​ NOTE:​ ONLY​ TREASURERS​ CAN​ MANAGE ACCOUNTING​ TRANSACTIONS
  • Den/Patrol​ Leader​​ - assign​ this​ role​ to​ whoever​ is​ managing​ a Den/Patrol.​ People assigned​ to​ this​ role​ can​ view/edit/add/delete​ scouts​ within​ the​ Den/Patrol​ as​ well​ as view​ full​ profile/edit/add/delete​ parents​ of​ those​ scouts.​ This​ role​ is​ only​ assigned​ when viewing​ the​ Den/Patrol​ and​ can​ only​ be​ assigned​ by​ a "Leader".
  • __Website​ Admin__​​ - Provides​ full​ control​ over​ your​ unit​ custom​ website​ (premium​ package only).​ People​ you​ assign​ here​ will​ be​ able​ to​ add/remove​ pages,​ files​ and​ photos,​ etc​ on your​ custom​ website.
  • __Events​ Coordinator__​​ - by​ default​ all​ leaders​ are​ event​ coordinators​ with​ the​ ability​ to add,​ remove​ and​ manage​ events.​ This​ particular​ role​ is​ this​ is​ assignable​ p er​ event​ and allows​ the​ assigned​ scout​ or​ adult​ to​ manage​ the​ event.​ Use​ this​ when​ you​ get​ a volunteer​ to​ help​ with​ a specific​ event,​ but​ you​ don’t​ to​ allow​ them​ the​ ability​ to​ create other​ events.
  • Committee​ Member​​ - this​ role​ is​ similar​ to​ the​ leader​ role,​ but​ does​ not​ have​ the​ ability to​ make​ edits.​ In​ addition​ to​ regular​ user​ rights​ a person​ with​ the​ Committee​ Member role​ has​ read​ only​ access​ to​ all​ Users,​ Scouts,​ Dens,​ Accounts​ and​ they​ can​ view​ the Chart​ of​ Accounts.​ Unless​ they​ inherit​ the​ permission​ from​ another​ assigned​ role​ they cannot​ edit​ users/scouts,​ sign​ off​ requirements,​ change​ awards,​ change​ accounts, submit​ account​ transactions,​ etc.​ They​ cannot​ run​ any​ accounting​ reports.
  • Parent​​ - this​ role​ is​ assigned​ by​ associating​ a scout​ and​ an​ adult.​ A parent​ has​ access to​ view​ and​ edit​ scouts​ associated​ with​ them​ and​ view​ their​ financial​ accounts.​ In Packs,​ you​ can​ also​ configure​ to​ allow​ parents​ to​ sign​ off​ on​ requirements.