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Send Advancement to the BSA

The BSA now requires all advancement to be reported through their online service called Scoutbook. Scout Manager has integrated with this service to make reporting your advancement records super simple and straightforward.


To connect Scoutbook with Scout Manager requires the Chrome Browser and an extension.

The process to report advancement

The process you should follow for awards is:

  1. Use Chrome to Login to Scoutbook and click the
  2. Return to Scout Manager and select menu option Advancement & Reports => Send advancement to Scoutbook
  3. Fill in the requested fields and click
  4. Watch the progress and wait for the process to finish.

How to choose the award date range

You don't need to send every award to the BSA every time you sync up. You just need to send the awards that have recently been awarded and or changed. Select a date range that minimizes the amount of awards to send, but keep it broad enough that you don't miss any. Scout Manager will look for awards within the date range that were changed and/or recently awarded.

How do new scouts get added from Scoutbook?

The synchronization process will automatically pull in new scouts entered by your council into Scoutbook. When the synchronization process starts we'll pull the Scoutbook roster on file and merge it with what's in Scout Manager.

Do I need to wait for scouts to show up in Scoutbook?

No, you don't need to wait for your council to enter scouts into Scoutbook to start managing those scouts in Scout Manager. But it is important to get scout names EXACT so that the merge process matches the scouts (by name) otherwise you could end up with duplicate scout entries. One caveat, you can't send up scout records until the scouts are recorded in Scoutbook.