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User Profile

In Scout Manager each person gets their own profile with detailed information about contacts, activities, awards and training. Scouts and adults can use their profile to login and manage the information if they desire.

The user profile contains several sections/tabs with various information about each user in your unit. To access your profile click your name in the upper right corner and select “Your Profile” from the dropdown.

User Information

This section provides detailed information about each user. Each user is able to modify their own profile information. Leaders can also view and change user information. Email Verification It’s important to verify your own email address so you can receive emails from your unit via Scout Manager. On your profile you’ll see a red button labeled “Verify email”. Click it and then check your email and click the link you receive. Any email sent to you by Scout Manager with an embedded link will validate your email address.

Enabling SMS

This feature is only available with the Premium subscription.

Enabling this allows your scout leaders to send SMS text messages to your mobile phone. This is handy if you’re not in the habit of reading emails regularly, but still want to know about important updates when they occur. To set this up you’ll first need to edit your profile and add your mobile number and click save. Returning to your profile view you will now see a button labeled “Enable SMS Messages”. Click the button, select your provider and follow the instructions.

User names

You can change your username anytime you want. Scout leaders may have given you a randomized username, however we recommend using your email address. Changing & Resetting Passwords You should change your password on a regular basis. Click the Change Password button to do this. If you forget your password there’s a link on the login page to send you an email with a temporary link. Leaders can also send you a Password Reset email or set your password for you.


There are options available to you as a user for how you’d like Scout Manager to use and show your personal information. Personal data is public. By default your personal information (email, phone, etc) is available to others in your unit. Unchecking this box hides this information from all but the leaders. Opt-out calendar notify. Check this if you prefer to not get email notifications about calendar events from your unit via Scout Manager. Opt-out email notify. Check this if you prefer to not get any email communications from your unit via Scout Manager.

External calendar integration

Many people manage a private calendar and would like to see their Scout Manager events alongside their other events. For these scenarios we offer several options.

iCal event attachments

iCal is an industry standard format that all/most calendar applications can read. Each event email sent via Scout Manager contains an attachment in this form that can be opened and added to a calendar.

Google Calendar Sync

You can also subscribe your external Google Calendar to the Scout Manager event stream. This will keep your calendar updated as events are added, removed and updated on Scout Manager. To enable this click the "Google Sync" button on your profile page. This will start a process to authorize Scout Manager to push events to your calendar on Google. Once completed you can synchronize events within a range of dates. To disable this feature click the Disable button.

Data feeds for other Calendars

If you use other calendar applications that can read from an ICS stream there are URL’s provided on the data feeds tab of your user profile. There are 2 feeds, one for just the events you’re invited and the other for all unit events. Refer to your calendar provider for how to setup ICS stream feeds.

Scouts & Parent association

If you’re associated with a scout or parent you’ll see their name in the “Associated Scouts/Parents” section. Their name will contain a link to visit their profile page.

Scout Leaders can visit user profile pages to associate scouts to their parents or vice versa.


The activities tab provides a list of activities and events for the user being viewed. Activities are things like hiking miles, camping nights, etc and can be accrued from events or manually entered by a leader. They are often used to complete requirements for some awards and show up on reports such as the board of review.


Adults can track their training. Information entered here will show up on the Unit training report.

Leadership Positions

Scouts can track their leadership positions. They are often used to complete requirements for some awards and show up on reports such as the board of review.

Earned Awards

Displays the awards earned by a User. Awards are added by completing requirements or manually entered by an Awards Coordinator.


If present this tab provides an overview of your financials within your unit. If you have Scouts associated with your account their information will also be displayed. From here you can drill into the activity details of a financial account.