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User Management

In Scout Manager each person gets their own profile with detailed information about contacts, activities, awards and training. Scouts and adults can use their profile to login and manage the information if they desire.

In this section we’ll refer to a User to describe an adult or a scout that has been added to your unit in Scout Manager. Each User gets their own user account with detailed information about them, their activities, awards, training, etc. Each person is also able to login to view and manage this information if they desire.

Topics covered are:

Logging in

Each user in your unit has the ability to login into Scout Manager. They can select their own username and set their own password which is used each time they want to access the system. On the login page there is a “remember me” checkbox which enables an automatic login for up to 2 weeks.

Logging in for the first time

When you import or add a user each person is automatically assigned a username. Typically, the system will use their email address, but if one is not provided one will be auto-generated. Users with an associated email-address can then be sent an invitation email containing their username and a special one-time-use link allowing them to securely choose a new password.

Using your Google or Facebook account to login

You can use a third-party login to access your Scout Manager account. We currently support:

  • Google
  • Facebook

You’ll need to ensure that the username from one of these third-parties is the same as your Scout Manager username. Then click the sign-in button you want to use on the login page. Afterwards, you’ll continue to automatically be logged in with your third-party account going forward. To stop the auto-login select Logout on the menu.

If you haven't previously configured your Scout Manager account, you can still use a third-party account and associate your Scout Manager account if the email address in your profile matches the one from the third-party. Just attempt a login and Scout Manager will guide you through the process.

Use your Google Account to login

To use your Google Account you'll need to have your @gmail.com account setup as your email address. At login select Sign in with Google and you'll be walked through the process of associating your Google Account to your Scout Manager Account. The process is quick and consists of the following steps:

  1. Authenticate with Google. This is done in strict confidence with Google's highly secure login process. Scout Manager never sees your credentials. During this process you're granting Scout Manager to gain limited access to your user information (such as your email-address).
  2. Association of accounts. For most people this will be transparent. If more than one Scout Manager Account is found with your Google email address we'll ask you which account you want to associate. You'll be presented with a list and you'll need to choose one.
  3. Token initialization. Nothing to do here.
  4. Authenticate with Google. (last time)

When finished you'll be logged into Scout Manager. When you visit Scout Manager again in the future and you're already logged into Google you'll automatically be logged into Scout Manager.

Use your Facebook Account to login

To use your Facebook Account you'll need to have the same email address in Scout Manager. At login select Continue with Facebook and you'll be presented with a Facebook Login page. Once authenticated you'll be logged in and forwarded to Scout Manager.