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Adding additional users

From time to time you’ll want to add more users to your unit. To add a new user navigate to the Users tab and click the “+”. Fill out the user profile form and click Save. The minimum required is a first/last name and an email address. If you want the person to login and contribute use the Administration => Invite New Users function to send them an email that will contain a secure link allowing them to login for the first time and choose a password.

If you have a bunch of people to add the quickest and easiest way to get them into the system is using the Import capability. Create a spreadsheet with 4 columns Type, first name, last name & email. In these fields place "Adult" or “Scout”, then their first/last, email and save as CSV.

The resulting file can be imported using Administration => Import Data, then select User File Import. Follow the on screen instructions. If you have trouble send an email to support@scoutmanager.com and ask for help.

This section refers to users which could be an adult or scout.

Removing and Restoring Users

Users can be deleted or archived. If you’re completely sure that you no longer need a user’s data (profile, awards, training, etc) then go ahead and delete them, otherwise archive them.

Archiving and Deleting users are reversible actions

When you archive/delete a user you are putting them into a suspended status while keeping all their data. They won't show up in your regular views, reports or email distribution lists. They won't receive emails, notifications, etc.

To delete a user click the delete icon (e.g. trashcan) the left of their name. An exception to this rule is a financial account associated with a user will be kept if it has a non-zero balance or contributes to the financial record in a material way. Their profile information may be retained for a period of time before being permanently purged from the system.

To archive a user click the archive icon (e.g. folder) to the left of their name. This is a gentle process which moves the user to an archived state. No data is removed but they are removed from your regular views and will stop receiving email notifications.

Restoring users

Archived and deleted users can be restored by using the menu option Membership -> Archived Users.

  1. Click the restore icon (downward swooping arrow) to the left of the user's name to start the restore process.
  2. If you're restoring a scout, you'll need to choose the Den/Patrol, for adults leave the selection blank.

Organize by Den/Patrol

You can reorganize scouts into dens/patrols using the Membership => Den/Patrol Alignment tool. It’s a simple drag and drop interface allowing you to quickly place boys into the proper group. Health forms & Swim Check Each person can enter all 4 parts (A,B,C,D) of their health form along with their Tetanus date and Swimming ability on their profile page. Having health form and swim check data in the system is useful when planning an event. The event report provides a section showing any person who is not within compliance.

Leaders can also view and edit the same data for all users en masse using the Membership => Health forms tool.

Track individual BSA training

Each person can enter their BSA training and dates from their user profile page. Leaders are able view all user training via Membership => Training Report.

User transfers

Scout Manager supports tranfering users and scouts between units that use Scout Manager. This allows you to quickly move scouts and their from Cub Scouts to a Troop without having to type in the same information again. See User Transfers for more information