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Managing Finances

Setting up and managing your financial books is probably one of the more complex things you’ll do as a unit. Scout Manager provides a consistent way to help you do this with the ability to easily pass along the responsibility as your unit matures and new people arrive to help. Those with a business or accounting background will feel right at home while the rest of us will need to do a bit of reading before proceeding. With the advancements we made in our transaction support most people will be able to do an excellent job.

Even if you’re thinking, “we don’t need scout accounts” think again! For example, do you collect money from scouts for events? Would you like to be able to easily accept online payments? If so then you’ll want to take a look at the Scout Manager accounting package.

Treasurers will have an Accounts menu option that provides access to all the accounting functions. The first step is to set up all your accounts and balances. Even if you haven’t thought through all the accounts you think you’ll need, it’s ok to get started and make the modifications as you go.

Note: the Treasurer role is required to be able to record financial transactions. Some other roles have view access, most roles cannot see the financial books.

Additional resources:

Legacy Accounting

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