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Custom domain

Scout Manager supports custom domains identifying your unit (e.g. www.bsatroop777.org) with our easy to use and administrate website feature. Follow the instructions below to get started.


  • A Scout Manager premium license with a configured website
  • Purchase a domain name (e.g. bsatroop777.org) from a 3rd party provider (e.g. Go Daddy)


  1. Using your 3rd party provider's DNS record editor, set the base CNAME record with sites.scoutmanager.net. Go Daddy has a great tutorial on how to add a CNAME record.

    Type Host Points to
    CNAME {your host} sites.scoutmanager.net
  2. Next send an email to support@scoutmanager.com requesting the server side configuration be completed. Include the name of your domain and unit. Once we validate the CNAME record, we'll complete the configuration and reply via email.

Give it some time. It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to propagate through the internet.

Enjoy your new custom domain! It’s always a good idea to take the time to walk through your site and validate that all the links are working as intended.