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Photo Galleries

The Gallery section allows you to create groups of photos (galleries) and upload photos into them. If you’re checking out this feature via the Trial subscription you’ll find that it has a very small quota (about 50MB) allowing you to upload just a handful photos depending on their size. The Premium subscription provides 5GB of storage providing storage for about 1000 photos that are roughly 4MB in size. You can also extend the storage if needed.

Managing Galleries & Photos

Galleries are collections of photos. To add photos you need to create a gallery or edit an existing one. To add a gallery open the Webite Settings, select the Galleries tab and click the “+” on the button bar above the list of galleries. To edit a gallery or add photos to it just click it to open it.

Create/edit a gallery

Give your gallery a name and set a date for when the photos were taken (this drives the order they show on your website). Checking the Public checkbox allows the gallery to be visible to anybody viewing your website. When you’re done creating your gallery change Status to Published so others can see it. You don’t need to click “save” as all your settings are auto-saved as you move through them.

Now you’re ready to upload photos. You can upload photos from a desktop or a mobile device, however depending on the browser and capabilities of the device the upload experience may vary slightly. Using a desktop computer is the fastest and easiest method as you can drag/drop photos into the the designated drop area or click the drop area to select one or more photos on your computer. Photos are scheduled for upload with between 1-3 uploading at the same time. It may take several minutes for all your photos to upload depending on the size of the photos and the speed of your connection.

By default the first photo you upload will automatically become the thumbnail associated with the gallery. To choose a different photo just hover over it and select the “home” shaped icon that appears. You can use the same method to remove photos by clicking the trash icon.

Photos can also be rearranged into any order you wish by dragging and dropping them into the order you want. You can rearrange photos anytime after they’ve been uploaded.

See Content Management for information on how reference images in your pages/posts.


We support linking to Flickr which offers free storage for your images. This is a great way to extend your photo gallery. You’ll need to configure the website settings with the NSID from Flickr and we'll automatically link to the photo albums. Your Flickr galleries/images will show up just like galleries you created on Scout Manager, but are not copied over into Scout Manager and do not count against the 5GB limit.

Scout Manager does not download photos from Flickr.  Instead the albums stay on the Flickr servers and we use their API to get your Flickr PhotoSet's and merge them into your SM website with any galleries that you may have created with us.  Then we sort by date created and take the N most recent ones to show on your website.  You can control N by increasing or decreasing the "max galleries on frontpage" in the website settings.    As you add new PhotoSets they will begin to show up on the website automatically.

To improve performance and stay within the defined Flickr API limits we cache the data we get from them for 12 hours after that we will go back and get a fresh set of PhotoSets.

Configuring Flickr

To configure Flickr you'll need your NSID. The Flickr NSID is found embedded in the URL of your user icon after login to Flickr. The URL will look like this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/12345678@N05/. Copy the last portion 12345678@NS05 and paste it into the "Flickr Albums" field in your website configuration.