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Custom Website Management

NOTE: The custom website is available to the Trial and Premium Subscriptions only.

Managing a website can be a lot of work and even more so when you have volunteers that want to help, but also come and go. We’ve built this product with that in mind so you can easily pass the responsibility on to others with low risk and quick training.

The website provides an easy to use, pre-configured and styled website for your Pack or Troop. It provides a fixed layout and has the following features:

  • Configuration Settings
  • Menus
  • Upcoming Events Listing (integrated with Scout Manager)
  • File repository
  • Content Management
  • Custom domain Creating your default website is super easy and fast, but first a leader will need to assign the Website Administrator role to you and/or other people. Once the role assignment is completed, you’ll need to logout/in so the Website menu becomes visible to you and you'll be able to initialize the website.

Initialize your website

The first time you pull down the Website menu you’ll only see a Website => Initialize menu option. Click Initialize to perform the necessary initialization and checks for your website. The validation will ensure that your Unit City/State are populated as they are used to create a unique endpoint for your website. If the validation fails, make the necessary adjustments and reinitialize. After initialization you’ll have a pre-configured, functioning website. The Website menu will also provide additional menu options you to customize and add content to the website. Only Website Administrators are able to view the extra menu options.